Title:「Your Voice」

Dad's face was set like flint,smilimg as always..,


The main character "Yuta" will return to Kyoto where he was born and raised after a long business trip.
Yuta stays in a townhouse in Kyoto where he used to live with his  family.
His father died, his mother had another family, his older sister got married, and his former best friend Asuka lived in the now empty townhouse. ・・・
"Yuta" and "Asuka", who each wanted their own place to belong, came to face the reality that they "avoided" while colliding.


A story set in Kyoto, where the director spent his school days.
A story depicting the growth of two contrasting protagonists who are "slightly similar but completely different" in a landscape of falling cherry blossoms.


Yuta: He came out to his father, but felt that he was not accepted and left Kyoto  TheStagPartyShowOsaka

主人公 Asuka: Confused about her gender identity, but unable to be accepted by her family, she runs away from home and ends up living in an empty house that used to be Yuta's parents' home.  

Yuta's older sister Keiko Izumi@Guest

Asuka's mother Nishimori Mitsue@Guest

Yuta's assistant device Z001