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My Life??! Who's sharing???

Dear all the audience of "SHARE ME!",

Thank you for watching and supporting "SHARE ME!".
We regret to announce that the production of "SHARE ME!" has become technically difficult to continue for health reasons of the production team member.
We have decided to stop the production process while we review and reconsider what we can do.
Much apology for all the guest supporters and audience of our production.
Further release of "SHARE ME!" will be announced on our website and social medias when we are settled with new plan.
Thank you for your supports for theStagPartyShow and our Youtube channel, hope to reach out to you soon.

 2022/9/5 theStagPartyShow

Production Title




Book/Director/Producer: Sekichi Kitamura
Title Logo/Graphic Design: Giovanni Kikuchi
Photos: LOY
Contents Editor: TameZo


Starring: Hiroshi
Supporting actors: Hiroki, Yudai, Daisuke, Toshi
Guest actors: Shigeru, Yuta, and more (TBA)


Theme song: Folk Dance
Opening Singer: LOY
Ending Singer: Tomoshi


The first soap opera, pop and comedic piece presented by theStagPatyShowTokyo! Our Tokyo member Hiroshi will put “everything” he has into this romantic comedy as a leading role, who will face and try to overcome a mid-life crisis.


At the center of the story is “Hideshi” who works for a global company and all of a sudden gets fired under the remote working environments of Covid. He had led his ilife without any real intention – work, relationship, Family –now  Hideshi looks back on all these days. This is a story about Hideshi, a guy with no intention, played around by his surrounding friends and men, eventually leading to rediscovery of himself. How many men will get to SHARE him…? Stay tuned!

Brand New Performance

Next our Stage is in Tokyo.
All casts will in next performance!
Please come and enjoy our performance in Tokyo. 
Don't miss it!!



CD information for our 15th aniversary

We release aniversary CD.
You can get it only  @ our stage.
Please ask to reception.
[TheStagPartyShowTokyoMusics]¥2000(include tax)

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シバノジョシア監督コラボ企画 映画版「夜汽車に乗って」関連


London Internatioanl Filmmaker Festival willl be on Mar 2021!

Information about our items witch you can get on reception.


now on sale:

「TheStagPartyShowMusics」11songs ¥2000



Here is the brand new mini album!!
KikuchiGiovanni who is a official singer of SPS Tokyo release this special songs.
Please get on website!!


「SAKURANOAME」4 songs ¥1000